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In our Mediumship Reading, my goal as an Evidentiary Medium is to connect you with your departed loved ones and prove the continuity of life.

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Mediumship Reading: for People and Pets

As a Medium, my goal is to connect you with your departed loved ones and prove the continuity of life.

Prior to your Mediumship Reading, I will state my intention to the Spirit World and raise my vibration in order to connect to a higher plane of frequency.  This works just like tuning into your favourite radio station, you need the right frequency in order to listen!

During your reading, it is common to find numerous friends or family members coming through to communicate with you. Our loved ones on the Other Side are very excited to speak with us just as we are to them.  However, it is my intention to connect you with your ‘Star Attraction’… the main person you are hoping to hear from.

Once we have made a connection and validated who is with us, you will have an opportunity to ask questions to your loved ones or to just sit back and allow the Spirit to speak.

If this is for a beloved animal you will be asked to provide:

  1. Name
  2. Male/Female
  3. Breed:
  4. Any special markings
  5. Where you got your animal from:
  6. How long you had them
  7. A picture of your animal preferably looking into the camera

*** It is recommended to come prepared with your questions. A lot of times it is difficult to think on the spot as these readings can be very emotional.

*Readings start at $187+GST

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Mediumship Reading

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Please know…
Each client’s mediumship consultation is subject to the client’s own personal interpretation. The information provided does NOT constitute legal, psychological, medical, business or financial advice. Therefore, each client receiving the consultation is responsible for his/her own choices and/or actions.