How Our Loved Ones Communicate Through Dreams

On: Jan 7, 2022

Dreams are one of the most common ways for our loved ones on the other side communicate with us. I consider dreams to be a sacred space where the veil between the physical and spiritual worlds is thinner and messages from ancestors, guides, or divine beings can be received.  These messages may come in the form of symbols, images, or metaphors that require interpretation and reflection to understand their meaning.

Dreams Can Be Messages


Spirits can use our dreams as a way to get messages to us, since our subconscious mind is more open to receiving messages than our conscious mind. When you have a dream that feels very real, pay attention to the symbols and messages that appear. These could be clues to what your loved one is trying to tell you.

Another way to know if a dream is a message from a loved one is if they appear in the dream. They may look younger or healthier than they did when they passed away, and they may be smiling or laughing. This is a sign that they are happy and at peace, and they want to reassure you that they are okay!

Pay attention to any symbols or messages that appear in your dreams. Your loved one may use symbols that have special meaning to you, like a favorite place or object. They may also use symbols that are more universal, like a butterfly or a rainbow.

How To Tell When Dreams Are Messages

One way to know if a dream is a message from a loved one is if the dream feels different from your other dreams. The dream may feel more vivid, or you may remember it more clearly than your other dreams. You may also wake up feeling a wave of emotions and a deep inner knowing that you were just with this particular individual.

When you wake up from a dream that feels like a message from a loved one, take some time to reflect on what the dream could mean.  One way to explore the connection between dreams and spirit messages is to keep a dream journal and practice dream interpretation techniques.  Write down any symbols or messages that you remember and try to connect them to events or feelings in your waking life. Talking to a psychic medium can also help you interpret the messages from your dreams and get a better understanding of what your loved one is trying to tell you.

Remember, your loved ones on the other side want to communicate with you and let you know that they are still with you. Dreams are just one of the many ways they can reach out to us, so pay attention to the messages they send and cherish the memories you have with them.

Have You Had A Message In A Dream?

Have you had a dream recently wherein a loved one was communicating with you? Acknowledge that person and those signs, and the relationship will continue to grow. If you would like help deciphering and making sense of your dreams and the messages within them, contact me today.  I am here to help!

Discover The Meaning of Your Dreams

Ready To Connect?

Do you have a loved one with whom you’d like to continue growing your relationship?  I would be happy to help you recognize & acknowledge signs from your loved one. Please contact me when you are ready.

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